01 UX & Interactions Observations

Last update: #19/02/2023

All of the above is based on personal observations.


MoneyBox is a day-to-day investment and money saving app in the UK.
MoneyBox implements a clever technique within transactions screen showing "Wise Words", providing a good visual break of repetitive information. May also help to focus attention on the transactions themselves
MoneyBox utilises social call to actions (initiated by users) to request 3rd party integrations. This can be a useful catalyst to make these requests public and probably understand user demand. This can be particularly helpful in the early days of an app launch.
By monitoring spending habits, MoneyBox triggers interesting in-app notifications to remind user about spending habits and nudge towards investment behaviour.


Emma's consent screen is an excellent example of how to communicate sensitive data requests.
A sudden, probably unnecessary but nice, delight on Emma upon uploading a profile picture. Having such minimal interaction on a serious financial application, may help break the rigidity and make the experience a bit more personable.
Emma took a bit of an activist approach with this interface. It simply highlights bank fees out of regular transactions. By doing that, it just highlights something that most of us forget about. However, the app pushed it a bit further with their mission against bank fees.
Showing constant reminders of specific spending habits has an immense value. This view is very clean, although a bit excessive. Might've been useful to utilise the space for more data, but it's very useful nevertheless.


All finance apps in the UK rely on Open Banking to link to user's accounts. It's not particularly a straightforward or pleasant process, and requires a lot of authentication. (a lot of automatic app switching and needs to be updated every 90 days). This simple, interface, on Plum, prepares the user for the process.

Apple Watch

About 30 minutes before bedtime, Watch OS sends a very clever reminder notification about charging it. Since the watch offers sleep monitoring features, it's important to have it charged before bed. This notification will be only triggered if the charge is under a certain percentage.