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An experimental music video inspired by Boston Dynamics’ Atlas Robot. The piece uses demo videos from Boston Dynamics YouTube channel to tell a different story about Atlas. Music from Dawn of Midi’s Dysnomia.

Beyond the Door, VR Version

Beyond the Door is a Philip K. Dick short story about that tells the story that follows a cuckoo clock, which may or may not be intelligent, and a cuckolded husband.

This prototype project was scripted, produced, and developed (using Unity3D) to be experienced in virtual reality on Oculus Go.

This video is a recording of the VR version.


Unpredictable Weather Machine

A collaborative project at the Royal College of Art to explore post-digital identity. Using Google's Voice Kit and Speech Recognition, we built a working prototype for "moody" weather machine as a speculative practice on how a self-aware machine interacts/ mediates relationships with/ between human beings.

Studying the effect of moving images on news consumption

This project explores how the effective delivery of animated GIFs can lead to more engagement with news on wearable devices.

I led this project at Al Jazeera Innovation & Research from the concept phase based on evaluating existing news apps on wearable devices (like CNN, NYT apps on Apple Watch).

More details about the thinking process behind this experiment here.


هايبرلينك بودكاست Hyperlink Podcast 2009-2017 (Arabic) A weekly show discussing latest news and trends in the tech & media industry.  

Sample Episode

سَمَعْ Samaa Podcast 2016 (Arabic): A 6 episode series exploring scientific concepts like mathematical beauty, uncertainty, and time travel. 

Sample Episode