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NodePad is a note-taking and brainstorming tool designed to help you quickly capture ideas, organise them visually, and expand on them with the help of AI (LLMs really). The interface allows you to create nodes for your thoughts, edit them, connect related ideas, and generate additional insights with ease.

As you're always one step away from typing in a canvas environment, you can think of it as a new way to write!


A simple plugin is designed to make note-taking in FigJam simple and quick. Writing text to describe a process or building a concept map can take a significant amount of time, especially during fast-paced sessions or workshops. With this plugin, you can add text and quickly place it in a random location within the visible canvas, allowing you to focus on input without worrying about positioning the text and saving you a couple of mouse clicks.

The plugin also includes commands that allow you to tidy up your notes or arrange them in a grid format for better organisation.

HyperStage (archived)

The Village of Magical Letters قرية الحروف السحرية

Interactive game for iPhone, Android. Download

Introduction to User Experience Design Course